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About Lucy

Lucy is an Ascot based Yoga Teacher, Crystal Singing Bowl Practitioner & Wellbeing Writer.


She specialises in Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga, with a strong focus on encouraging students to connect with themselves and to dive deeper. She holds space to allow people to explore, to open up and to express themselves freely. 

Her Vinyasa Flows are designed to strengthen & explore the body & mind, and her Yin classes are all about rebalancing & resetting with an emphasis on meditation as well as relaxing the body. She provides safe spaces for students to connect more deeply to their bodies, minds & souls. 


She teaches weekly Vinyasa and Yin yoga classes in Ascot and the nearby areas, private sessions, and at some select local and London workplaces. Please see her Classes page for further information.

Lucy is also an Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl practitioner & hosts regular Sound Baths in the local area. To find out more about her Sound Healing work please click here

Lucy is also the host of the Podcast Root & Rise with Lucy. Her podcast features conversations with a whole host of wellness industry experts, & explores the concept of building strong Roots - small, everyday habits & foundations - to support our overall wellbeing & happiness. Currently, Root & Rise with Lucy is available on the following platforms:

Apple,SpotifyAnchorBreakerRadio Public, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, & Overcast


Above all Lucy believes that everyone deserves the chance to build up their wellbeing toolkit. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own wellbeing, but so many of us are never given the tools to thrive in this area. It's a slow journey, but my goodness is it worth are welcome to start that journey with Lucy today! 

About Lucy


Lucy is an Ascot based yoga teacher. She lives and breathes yoga! She loves to practice, to learn, and to share her yogic experiences with others. 

Her style of teaching focuses on safe and effective postures, encouraging students to listen to their own bodies, and creating an environment where they feel relaxed, happy and inspired to explore their practice.



Sound healing is much like yoga, it's not a "one size fits all", there are gongs, voice, tibetan bowls, musical instruments and many other things that can be used in sound healing, and different people are attracted to different forms. But Lucy was instantly  drawn to the Crystal Singing Bowls. Ethereal, soothing & cleansing for the soul, they truly are a unique & the experience cannot be described in words...



Lucy has been running retreats now since 2016. She's hosted them in the UK, Spain & Portugal. Her next retreat is “Pause Retreat” from Sept 15-18 2022 hosted at the stunning Cabilla in Cornwall. If you’re craving the chance to slow down, to reconnect with nature, & to immerse yourself in your yoga practice then the Pause Retreat may just be for you. To enquire please email Lucy 



Lucy is currently running a hybrid timetable with some classes in person (at Cheapside Village Hall in Ascot) and some on Zoom. She offers a range of styles from  Vinyasa flow, to the combination of Yin & Yang and Mandala Flow, to the deeply relaxing & reflective style of Yin. For the group classes please go to the Book Your Class page. She also offers private classes to individuals & groups. 

"Lucy is a beautiful soul with so much presence wisdom and love to give. She’s an incredible teacher and her sound baths are truly healing"


~ Alicia Roscoe, March 2020

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