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  • Who is Root & Rise: the Practice for?
    It is for anyone who struggles to find time to attend a regular yoga class & wants to slip it into their days & weeks with ease from the comfort of their own home. It is probably not suitable for someone completely new to yoga - Lucy would always recommend attending a few Live classes (on Zoom or in-person) before signing up to The Practice if you are completely new. It is also for anyone who is looking for a diverse approach to the practice - some of the videos will focus on strength & flexibility, others will focus on relaxation, some will include pranayama (breathwork) - so you will be exposed to a multifaceted approach to the practice. There will be something for you no matter your energy levels - if you’re feeling energised go for the dynamic Mandala Flow, if you need to relax / are feeling tired go for the Yin, if you need to ground go for one of the Mindful flows!
  • What is Mandala Vinyasa?
    Mandala Vinyasa is a practice that combines Yin yoga (a deeply relaxing aspect of the practice), with flowing movements inspired by the Vinyasa style of yoga. Each Mandala Practice will be focussed on an Element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The Element we focus on will give some indication on the aspect of the body & theme that we will be focusing on that month: e.g. Earth = hamstrings & grounding, Air = backbends & gratitude.
  • What is Yin Yoga?
    Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing practice where you will find stillness in the postures for an average of 3-6 minutes. The physical intention of Yin yoga is to help you apply a gentle & healthy stress to the ligaments, tendons, fascia & bones in the body (this enables them to become more adaptable & more resilient). There are also mental, energetic & emotional elements of Yin yoga as when we still the body our thoughts & emotions may have a chance to arise to the surface. Our intention will be to simply observe these, without judging ourselves, allowing them to arise & then to move on.
  • What is Mindful Flow?
    Mindful Flow is a style of yoga that will combine strengthening & stretching movements alongside breath control. It is a rhythmic practice that will increase the heartbeat whilst also helping you to feel calmer & more grounded.
  • Can I join if I’m a beginner?
    If you are completely new to yoga Root & Rise: the Practice might not be for you just yet. We would advise you to practice with Lucy online in a live class first {insert link to Book Your Class page}, or with a teacher in your local area. Once you have a few months practice under your belt we would love to welcome you onto the Practice!
  • Can I join if I’ve never practiced with Lucy before?
    Yes! Lucy would love that. You will just have to arrange a little intro phone call with Lucy directly before you dive into any of the videos. You will be given this opportunity on signing up to the Practice.
  • What if I sign up to the 12 month programme & need to pause or cancel my subscription during the 12 month period?
    We will review each case on a case-by-case notice. Lucy is a Sole Trader & a very small business, so will endeavour to be as fair as possible in each circumstance, but will need to take into consideration her own interests too. As a blanket rule you’ll need to give 30 days notice to cancel - if your next payment falls within this window you will still be charged for that month (with access to that month’s content), & then the payments will stop for the month after.
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