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We lead such busy lives & finding time for yourself can be tricky. Through Root & Rise: The Practice it is our hope to make finding "You Time" that little bit easier.

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Your teacher Lucy believes that each & every individual deserves to be wholeheartedly happy & healthy. In the practices she lovingly creates each month she will create space for you to connect physically, mentally & emotionally. Helping you to grow strong Roots, supporting you to Rise up.

As a Root member you will have unlimited access to:


- Our library of 60+ yoga videos, including mini flows (15 mins & 30 mins), longer practices (60 mins) & a variety of relaxing Yin Yoga sessions

- 2 brand new videos every month tailored to the needs of the members - these will change theme each month depending on what the community feeds back


As a Rise member you will have unlimited access to:


- all of the above AND…

- access to Lucy’s LIVE Tuesday evening Zoom class 8-9pm (or access to the recording for up to 7-Days after the class). This class will take place every Tuesday evening (unless Lucy is on holiday) - you can see the full schedule here. [insert link to this page: ]



As part of both the Root & the Rise packages you will also be invited to join the private Facebook group where members can connect with one another & with Lucy directly. Here you will be able to:


  • Ask questions about the practices each month

  • Join our once a month LIVE Meditation

  • Be a part of the community

  • Share with other members your challenges with the practices / any favourite moves!


So if you're looking for an online practice that offers you both flexibility & a chance to become part of a community the Root & Rise: the Practice might just be for you!

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