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Practice with Lucy Online

Home practice is a really wonderful way to develop your yoga. It's also a great way to get your practice in on those days where it's impossible to make a class. With this in mind, I am so delighted to be able to offer you an online practice programme produced by Re-Set. 

Re-Set have made a highly professional programme focussed on helping you regain your Energy. I am delighted to be the chosen yoga teacher for this programme & it was a joy to make these videos for you. Once you purchase the programme, you'll have exclusive access to x 10 Yoga for Energy videos & x 1 E-book on Yoga Poses & benefits.

You can purchase the programme by clicking here

We’ve identified three goals to boost your Energy and have results: Practice, Develop a routine and Be consistent. The videos have been created with time management in mind so it fits a busy schedule.

Videos included:

– Ease into Yoga
– Wake up practice
– Bed time practice
– Energy boost
– Relax & Restore
– Focus & Productivity
– Yoga breathing
– Twists & backbends
– Round up session
– Final note from Lucy

I have created a bespoke set of practices to help you reset your energy. My approach combines movement and breath control, to create a beautiful moving meditation and anchor each and every movement and posture by focusing on every breath.

The practices have been designed to give you inspiring and dynamic flows that help connect with your body, bring focus to your mind, and revitalise your energy.

The course is £39.99 (but occasionally Re-Set run a 10% discount, so if you get in soon then please use the discount code LVJ10 to claim this discount!). Please click here to purchase the course. 


‘I really like Lucy, she is so kind and inspiring and I really love the way she is teaching. The videos are easy to follow and I have learnt a lot. I don’t have time to go to the gym so I was happy to be doing it at home in my own time.’– Alison Towning, Consultant, Manchester

The programme covers Yoga for all levels so don’t be afraid if you’ve never done Yoga before. If you’ve done Yoga before, the program builds up and you’ll find more energetic modules.

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