Retreats, Workshops & Events


Due to COVID-19 we have been forced to cancel all planned retreats. We are utterly heartbroken as this is a huge part of the business & something we LOVE to do. But they WILL be back, so in the meantime here are some pictures of past retreats...


All upcoming workshops have had to be cancelled too. Lucy often runs "Yin & Tonic" workshops combining the magic of Yin Yoga & the Crystal Singing Bowls, as well as "Spine & Posture" workshops with her partner Chris Palmer (who is a personal trainer). There will be new dates released once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed so please keep your eyes peeled!


Monthly Meditation & Monthly Crystal Tones Sound Bath will also be cancelled until further notice. Lucy may run the occasional Meditation / Sound Bath online during the pandemic, if so these will be announced via her Instagram & Facebook pages.